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  The following are Curriculum Management documents. All other Curriculum documents are available at the Learning Area and Subject Web Pages.
2015 Provincial Curriculum Year Planner
2013: Teaching and Learning Priorities for 2013
Provincial Curriculum Guidelines (PCG's)    
  PCG 01/2005: Constitution of the Provincial Curriculum Co-ordination Committee
  PCG 02/2005: Organizing and Conducting Workshops
  PCG 03/2005: Guidelines for Phase Committees and Learning Area/Subject Committees
  PCG 04/2005: Role Functions and Responsibilities of Curriculum Personnel
  PCG 05/2006: On-site School Support: Organizing and Conducting Support Programmes for Schools and Teachers
  PCG 06/2006: Constitution of the Inter-District Assessment & Examinations Committee
  PCG 07/2006: Management and Operations Framework for the Assessment and Examinations Directorate
  PCG 08/2007: On-Site Curriculum Support: Districts, Schools and Classrooms
      Annexures of PCG 08/2007
  PCG 09/2007: Examinations Script Control Measures
  PCG 10/2007: Management of Computerized CASS Mark Sheets
  PCG 11/2007: Provincial Continuous Assessment Policy, Grades 10 - 12
  PCG 12/2008: Role Functions and Responsibilities of e-Learning Personnel
  PCG 13/2008: Role Functions of Media Advisors for Curriculum support