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Lesson Plans now available on the new template
Examiner's Report 2009
Policy documents                                                                                                                                       
 National Senior Certificate
 Subject Statement
 Learning Programme Guidelines
 Subject Assessment Guidelines
 Protocol on Assessments

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Examination papers

Exemplar Question Paper Memorandum
2006: Economics Exemplar Gr10 2006: Economics-Memo Gr10   
2006: Ekonomie Gr10 2006: Ekonomie - Memo Gr10
2007: Economics Exemplar Gr11 2007: Economics- Memo Gr11
2007: Ekonomie Gr11 2007: Ekonomie -  Memo Gr11
2008: Economics Exemplar Gr12 2008: Economics- Memo Gr12
2008: Ekonomie Gr12 2008: Ekonomie -  Memo Gr12
2008:Economics Gr 11 QP 2008:Economics_Memo Gr11
2008:Economics Gr11 QP Afrik 2008:Economics-Memo Gr11 Afrik
2009:Economics Gr11 QP Eng 2009:Economics-Memo Gr11 Eng
2009:Economics Gr11 QP Afr 2009:Economics-Memo Gr11 Afr
2009:Economics Nov 2009 Gr12 Afr.pdf 2009:Economics Nov 2009 Gr12  Afr Memo.pdf
2009:Economics Nov 2009 Gr 12 Eng.pdf 2009:Economics Nov 2009 Gr12 Eng Memo.pdf
2008: Preparation Examination Papers
Question Paper Memorandum
Economics Prep 2008 Eng Economics Prep 2008 Memo Eng
Economics Prep 2008 Afr Economics Prep 2008 Memo Afr
2008: November Examination Papers
Question Paper Memorandum
Economics Nov 2008 Eng Economics Nov 2008 Eng Memo
Economics Nov 2008 Afr Ekonomie Nov 2008 Afr Memo
2009: Feb-March Examination Papers
Question Paper Memorandum
Economics Eng Feb-March 2009
Economics Afr Feb-March 2009

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2009: June Revision and Remedial Teaching Instrument
Question Paper Memorandum
Economics memo.pdf
Ekonomie memo.pdf

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2009: Trial examination
Economics. zip (All 2009 trial exam papers and memos)
Econ Paper Eng-Sept 2009
Ekon Vraestel
Memo Eng
Ekon Memo

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Lesson Plans

Grade10 Grade11 Grade 12
Economic Development.doc Price elasticity of demand and supply Protection of free trade
Public possibility curve Wealth creation and distribution Dynamics of imperfect market
Role of public sector Economic growth and development Dynamics of perfect market
RSA economy Production, production cost of revenue SA development policy
Econ Gr10 Term 1_2010 Econ Gr11 Term1 2010 Causes and the effects of market failure
Econ Gr12 Term 1 2010

Lesson PlansThird Term

Economics Lesson Plan Economics Lesson Plan Economics Lesson Plan
Lesson Plans New Template
Term Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
Term 1 Econ Gr 10Term 1 New Templ Econ Gr 11 Term 1 New Templ Econ Gr 12 Term 1New Templ
Term 2 Econ Gr 10 Term 2 New Templ Econ Gr 11 Term 2 New Templ Econ Gr 12 Term 2 New Templ
Term 3 Econ Gr 10 Term 3 New Templ Econ Gr 11 Term3 New Templ Econ Gr 12 Term 3 New Templ
Term 4 Econ Gr 10 Term 4 New Templ Econ Gr 11 Term 4 New Templ  

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Continuous Assessment

Provincial Cass Document

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Economics StudyMate14

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Answer Sheets
2006:Economics Anssheet Gr10
2006:Ekonomie Antblad Gr10
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