Curriculum Instructions 2018

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F02/2018 Implementation of Grade 10 Dramatic Arts CAPS Topic 1: Introduction of Dramatic Arts
F03/2018 The Splitting of the Business Study Examination Question Paper from one Paper to two Papers for Grades 10 - 12

The Splitting of the Accounting Question Paper from one Paper to two Papers and the Provision of a Formula Sheet for Grades 10 - 12

F05/2018 Repeal of the Proviso restricting Accounting to Learners offering Mathematics only
F06/2018 Prescribed Literature Texts for study in Grade 12 for all Official Languages at Home, First and Second Additional Levels during the period October/November 2018 - May/June 2019
F07/2018 Monitoring of Practical Examinations for Grade 10 Art Subjects in June and November 2018